Thunderclap: Is Trump Our Truth President?

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Truth Mission

First Truth. We do not know the truth about Trump. 

Second Truth. Trump makes false promises that he cannot make, like affordable healthcare for all Americans 

Third Truth. Many Trump supporters believe that Trump is the Truth.

Is Truth Our President? 

To detect financial and foreign policy conflicts of interests, we must #ExtremeVetTrump and his appointees better than we do refugees. 

How Can We Trust Trump if We Do Not Know the Truth?

  • Without truth, there is no good government
  • Without good government, there is no trust
  • Without trust, there is no good governance

What if we discovered that Trump were more corrupt than the corrupt system that he is trying to fix?  

  • Will the truth detox Trump supporters of their addiction to alternative facts? 
  • Will the Truth overcome their blind loyalty to Trump?

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      Investigate #TrumpRussia Ties

      • Is Putin Trump's friend or foe? 
      • Is Trump's answer fact or fiction?

      What is the true relationship between the Trump Administration and the Kremlin Clan?

        Do you lack faith in Trump telling the truth?  
        And will the FBI and CIA getting to the truth of the matter? 

        If you have any doubts about the questions above, we, the people, must generate the network power to demand an independent #RussiaGate inquiry.

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          If Trump tells lies, breaks the law and/or violates the constitution, we need the Mass Media to separate the truth from fake news. Legitimate news organizations identify sources and whenever possible use on-the-record sources and correct errors (David Cay Johnson, Author of The Making of Trump). 

          The Mass Media and the people must work together to amplify our voices for truth. 

          Trump is behaving as though he was guilty with respect to #TrumpRussia ties. If Trump is innocent, he would provide all of his Tax returns and all information about his administration's contacts with Putin and the Kremlin Clan.

          To earn our trust, Trump must prove that he is innocent. He must be transparently accountable. If we do not know the Truth about Trump, we cannot trust him. If we cannot trust him in dealing with the Russians, he cannot remain as our president. 

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            Lies Dominate Truth

            Hate and lies are running rings around love and truth.  The low-road of lies, fear and hate has de-railed the high-road of truth, trust and love.  

            Trump is the poster child for the #AltRight network power.  Trump is the master splitter. Trump divides the people (Us versus Them) and use lies and fundamentalism (I'm right and you're dead wrong) to command his tribe.  

            • Trump is an emotional savant to the reptilian votes of gullible voters. 
            • He manipulates people by inciting fear and hate to suspend their rational thinking. 
            • He uses these negative emotions to induce a trance of blind, unconditional loyalty. 

            Trump supporters forfeit their right to be freethinkers. They are under the spell of Trump's authoritarianism (which is unrelated to income, education, gender, age or race). Trump supporters have no have buyer's remorse.  

            The oppositional movements (such as Resistance and Not My President) have been counterproductive.  Skeptical Trump supporters are now more loyal to him and are even more blind to the truth of his lies. 

            To stop the con artist of con artists, we need new strategies and tactics to dis-abuse ourselves from Trump's amoral use of free speech: perpetual lying, blaming accusations and unrelenting scapegoating.  

            Standing up for the Truth is much more effective and powerful than opposing Trump directly. 

            Sign up to the Truth Mission as the lead political strategy. 

              Will the #LoveofTruth Trump #HateAndLies?

              #RadicalCentrists must generate the #NetworkPower to #DeconstructAltRight with the Truth.

              Trump is the alpha wolf gone rogue with lies, deceptions and distractions. Moderates on the right, left and center must unite to drive the deranged lead wolf from the pack.  

              Together, we seek the truth about #RussiaGate with Trump supporters and find common ground for unified action.  We must all stand up for the freedom of truth, or else we will all become victims of political lies.

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              Go Beyond Fundamentalisms 

              Political fundamentalisms (I'm right and you're dead wrong) between the right and left perpetuate our dysfunctional polarizations.  We have political neo-terrorism: an uncivil war without weapons, truth or integrity. 

              The U.S.A has become the Divided States of America. Democracy is divided and conquered. The citizens of democracy have become the servants of plutocracy. We have lost our common ground for the common good. 

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              Call on True Patriots

              Political ideologues put their beliefs ahead of the truth. 47% of all voters trust Trump more than the media. 37% of voters will still support Trump even if there are conflict of interested over #TrumpRussian ties.

              Remember Watergate. Many Nixon supporters did not believe the truth until after he was impeached.

              True patriots on the right, left and center are free-thinkers, and not political junkies to propaganda machines.  True patriots engage moderate Trump supporters in meaningful dialogues about truth, without using vacuous "talking points".

              As radical centrists, we use the spirit of the Third Way to move beyond dysfunctional political polarizations and seek the Truth. To do this, we take take-all-sides into consideration so that our differences do not divide us. 

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              Deconstruct the Alt-right

              The Alt-Right is the neo-terrorist House of Cards. 

              In this House of Cards, megalomania, narcissism and sociopathy dominate over equity and planetary health, altruism and transparent accountability.  

              Which card is the most important one for deconstructing neo-terrorism?  

              #Russiagate is Trump's weakest card. To defeat neo-terrorism, we have to take out this card by using the winds of truth.  

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              Create a Social Media Nuclear Explosion

              Trump is still winning the social media war and maintaining the network power of his tribal base with alternative facts and fake news. 

              We also truth-seeking political leaders to focus and unite in overcoming Trump's dysfunctional distractions.

              We, the People, must generate the network power to implode the House of Cards in the court of public opinion.

              To create counter-network power for the Truth, we, the People, must campaign to ask the Mass Media, Newspaper editors, TV political commentators and social media political pundits to:  

                • Sign up to the "Truth Mission" (see above) and then use the Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr icons to invite their followers to sign up and invite their connections to do the same. 
                • Amplify the voices of the people to support an independent inquiry into #RussiaGate and demand the release of #TrumpTaxReturns, especially about his ties to Russia

                On April 18th (Tax Day), we, the people, demand that Trump makes his tax returns available for public scrutiny. 

                Sign up to make #TrumpTaxReturns public.

                  Join #ExtremeVetTrump

                  Signing up to the Truth Mission is not enough.  

                  To unleash #ExtremeVetTrump network power, we must create networks of networks, (such as #Indivisible, #resistance,etc) to develop a unified strategic plan to align, galvanise, amplify our calls-to-action.   

                  1. Use your Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr accounts to sign up at top of this page, Share the meme: #ExtremeVetTrump for a social media blast on April 20th.  
                  2. Spread the word that you support an independent inquiry into #RussiaGate and the releases of Trump's Tax returns.  Click on the Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr icons above to invite your connections to sign up and spread the word. 
                  3. Declare what is your personal call-to-action and the call-to-actions of your group or network. Create innovation hubs to synergize and amplify our calls-to-action.


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