The fact that the President is weak minded, has emerged as a clear & present danger to the nation: Clint Watts testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee

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Time to

Where to start?

Let's start here: "Clint Watts tells Senate Intel panel that Russia targets Trump w Propaganda"

That's the lede on this under 5 minute, hair-raising video that just crossed my desk, thanks to @TrudyRubin:

Less than 5 minutes, do stop and watch!

The video is riveting.

The Credentials:

  • Clint Watts:
  •      West Point grad and former Army officer 
  •      respected counter terrorism expert with a focus on cybersecurity
  •      former special FBI agent

The Panel:

  • The questioning here is by a Republican Senator from Oklahoma
  • The panel was convened by Republican led Senate
  • This is not a Democratic / Progressive "witch hunt", as Trump would have us believe
  • This is not a ploy by John McCain, who has ample reason to hate Trumps' guts
  • This is in fact, out of concern that an enemy State has seized undo influence over our recent election - and over the President of the United States now 

here are three key takeaways:

  • Russian Active Measures are working effectively now in the United States because the Commander in Chief used them in his campaign and continues to forward them to this day. "They parrot the same lines"
  • "Gray outlets, that are Soviet pushing accounts, tweet at President Trump, at high volume times, when they know he is on line, and they push conspiracy theories
  • "Until we get a firm basis for fact and fiction in our own country. Until we settle, do I trust the information I am getting from my own intelligence community, or a story I read on my Twitter feed? - this last clearly directed to Trump 


And who better to target w conspiracy theories than Trump?

For all of Trump's brawler bluster and bullying - he is, in the end, weak minded.

People of strong mind do not dedicate a significant part of their life force to making up and leading a "Birther Crusade"; attacking the President of the United States without any evidence or fact. A lie he finally walked back in September 2016. 

As a Nation, we are now at a crossroads. Donald Trump is no longer a Reality TV personality, he is the POTUS, and he is taking his lead from the steady stream of fresh conspiracies that Putin's team Tweets his way.

To our peril 


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