A powerful combination: Dunes + beach grass + bayberry + , et al - story starts w today's Philadelphia Inquirer

Hey Anna,You comment is an eye opener. I have heard so much about native wildlife (right down to the bugs!) and native plants having developed a symbiotic relationahsip over many years - "invasive's" ("immigrant's") leaves being undisturbed - since they are not digestible here ...But maybe still, these travelers can have valuable roles to play, as demonstrated by the Asiatic sand sedge's prowess as a dune keeper?I know we are both fans of, and at lease a little informed by Doug Talamy, the author of Bringing Nature Home - "How you can sustain Wildlife w Native Plants"And Stephen Buhner truly is a noted Herbalist. I know you have been following his work with a keen interest:http://thesunmagazine.org/issues/468/living_medicineWould be fun to hear a conversation between these two, right?Maybe post a podcast?