Sea-level forecast for California is revised upwards - no surprise #ActNow4Climate

Posted on Apr 28, 2017

This from Ellen Knickmeyer at the Associated Press

Here is the key takeaway:

In the best-case scenario, waters in the vulnerable San Francisco Bay, for example, likely would rise between 1 foot and 2.4 feet (one-third to three-fourths of a meter) by the end of this century, the ocean council said.

However, that's only if the world cracks down on climate-changing fossil-fuel emissions far more than it is now.

New climate-change findings mean the Pacific Ocean off California may rise higher, and storms and high tides hit harder, than previously thought, officials said.

The state's Ocean Protection Council on Wednesday revised upward its predictions for how much water off California will rise as the climate warms. The forecast helps agencies in the nation's most populous state plan for climate change as rising...

Trump, Ryan, the Republicans and Trumpcare: They care far more about beating the 100 days, than in our healthcare

Posted on Apr 28, 2017

This from this mornings LA Times daily brief

The headline there:

GOP shuts out doctors, experts, Democrats — pretty much everybody — as they work on Obamacare repeal

We need to slow this down!! I am not at all sure they can ever get this right. Let's work hard to "Garland Merrick" them on Healthcare.

Note that in their typical go-to: way more about repeal, they don't care much about replace - just looking for something the Freedom Caucus will bless

This from the morning brief:

Industry officials say they’ve been almost completely shut out , along with doctors, hospitals and patient advocates. “They’re not interested in how health policy actually works,” said one insurance company official.

Note: Paul Ryan under Trump's buggy whip as he strives to...

The biggest threat to our future, is when we let ourselves grow apart - here's a little something ...

Posted on Apr 27, 2017

Anna is the Scout in our house, and she just looped me into this:

Under 5 minutes, and wonderful. #Recommended

Said to be genuine, unscripted

Let me borrow their Tag: # OpenYourWorld

I get the feeling I'll be using that one going forward

Tip of the cap to Heineken.


The Trump Whitehouse, Grownups, and the Military

Posted on Apr 27, 2017

This just crossed my desk:

“We want to bring Kim Jong-un to his senses, not to his knees,” a top Pentagon commander said on Wednesday.

So reassuring, right?

I remember watching 13 Days in May (Recommended!), it was riveting. A major take away for me was how critically important it was that President Kennedy's team was in the room.

Now, it seems the story has flipped.

Of course Trump's first pick for a Military advisor was Michael "lock her up" Flynn - a man must closer to Trump's own temperment. Those were even scarier days then now.

But then real grownups began to muscle their way into Trump's inner circle - and to make sure that certain issues on National Security were approached by much levler heads.

I count General Mattis and General McMaster as two of these.

They even pushed Breitbart out of the Room.

Can you see...

Methane - Methane flames - red-tailed hawk - and us

Posted on Apr 27, 2017

Today's NY Times daily briefing leads with that photo, and this:

A red-tailed hawk that was rescued recently after being injured by a methane flame in Lyndhurst, N.J. Wasteland there attracts 280 species of birds, but it has a permanent, near-invisible danger.

Of course, we can imagine ourselves as hawks, right? We do, part of the human spirit to do that.

The beauty in this photo was scorched, over its fields, by a "near-invisible" methane flame.

We can imagine ourselves into that too, right? Bad!


Methane is a greenhouse (read heat trapping) gas on steroids, approximately 30 times as potent as carbon dioxide. Methane is the primary component of "natural" gas, the kind we frack and drill for fuel. Other major sources of methane include livestock farming (think manure), landfills and waste (the source in our red-tail story), rice...

As soon as Trump releases his taxes - give consideration to his tax proposals - No Until We Know

Posted on Apr 27, 2017

If there is one characteristic that brands Donald John Trump if is self interest - it drives everything he thinks, says, does. First and foremost, he cares about himself.

The sketch tax reforms he released yesterday have some potentially good aspects - I think we almost all would love a streamlined tax code.

But more, this is a candy store gift to the most wealthy - and would lead to a dangerous spike in the National Deficit & Debt. (Note: the Republicans are very concerned with deficit & debt, when they are out of power - addicted to it when they are in. D J Trump's sketch is not Reagan's supply-side fairy tale - but the explosion of debt would be the same.)

Here is a reasoned analysis of Trumps' tax day dream from Mark Zandi, the chief economist at Moddy's Analytics:

Watch for the gold "TRUMP" signs on former National Monuments and Parks? Where is his war on the Natural World going?

Posted on Apr 26, 2017

Donald John Trump has opened a new front on his War on the Natural World - opening the door for corporate exploitation of our Natieoan Parks and Monuments.

See: for some background.

To me, our shared love for the natural world is a key way that we can start to come back together as Americans. Sports, in many ways, already does this, right?

To Trump a place to drive another wedge for the corporate interests, so dear to him.

Dont get me wrong, I own a small company - love both competition and cooperation - admire many many companies & corporations.

I fear and expect that it is the extereme exploiters, frauds and poluters that the Trump is getting cozy with here.

We still need to drill - will for a while - a...