Trump, Ryan, the Republicans and Trumpcare: They care far more about beating the 100 days, than in our healthcare

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This from this mornings LA Times daily brief

The headline there:

  • GOP shuts out doctors, experts, Democrats — pretty much everybody — as they work on Obamacare repeal

We need to slow this down!! I am not at all sure they can ever get this right. Let's work hard to "Garland Merrick" them on Healthcare.

Note that in their typical go-to: way more about repeal, they don't care much about replace - just looking for something the Freedom Caucus will bless

This from the morning brief:

Industry officials say they’ve been almost completely shut out, along with doctors, hospitals and patient advocates. “They’re not interested in how health policy actually works,” said one insurance company official.

Note: Paul Ryan under Trump's buggy whip as he strives to beat the 100 day clock. Remember when you got the idea that Representative Ryan was, kinda, his own man. That idea is way in the rear view mirror now. 

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