The Trump Whitehouse, Grownups, and the Military

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This just crossed my desk:

  • “We want to bring Kim Jong-un to his senses, not to his knees,” a top Pentagon commander said on Wednesday.

So reassuring, right?

I remember watching 13 Days in May (Recommended!), it was riveting. A major take away for me was how critically important it was that President Kennedy's team was in the room.

Now, it seems the story has flipped.

Of course Trump's first pick for a Military advisor was Michael "lock her up" Flynn - a man must closer to Trump's own temperment. Those were even scarier days then now.

But then real grownups began to muscle their way into Trump's inner circle - and to make sure that certain issues on National Security were approached by much levler heads.

I count General Mattis and General McMaster as two of these.

They even pushed Breitbart out of the Room.

Can you see the "to his senses, not his knees" quote above going out over @realDonaldTrump?

As the current day crises roll out over the world, a major take away for me was how critically important it is that the grownups are in the room.


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