Trump's decision on coal: Like driving in reverse, on a highway

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Energy markets move fast

With his all in for coal, Trump is driving America in reverse, on the highway.

The coal barons have amassed fortunes, and are using their wealth to wring the last drops out of their long run. And they've got their front man.

Trump can get confused, he's confused on coal.

Remember, "Nobody knew healthcare could be so complicated?"

Just replace healthcare with energy, the environment, climate, ... Who knew?


Luckily Texas, Iowa, California, Oklahoma Illinois ...  the states get it. 

More than 35 percent of the electric power generated in Iowa now comes from wind power.

This from NPR: What Trump Misses About Energy Jobs In America

Truly, sorry for the plight of the coal miners - honor their traditions and way of life. Like the blacksmiths before them, time has come to make a change.

#Resistance #DontbeFooledAgain

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