Dems - We Need To Talk

Jeremy Fugate • 10 January 2018
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Disclaimer: The author of this post is none of: Democrat, Republican, Green Party.


Democrats, let me start this article by saying I in no way intend this to be a blanket for ALL democrats, just this specific demographic of them: Democrats that aggressively blame 3rd party voters to this day for the election of Donald Trump. If this demographic doesn't apply to you, then this article is not addressing you, but please keep reading as this is still a very important topic to help re-unite the left in some capacity. 

I have witnessed the debate between (usually) Green Party voters, and Democrats about "the third party vote being the cause of Trump's win" many times. In many of these situations, I came across the debate too late, and friendships, resistance groups, and comrades have split with one another over this. Friends, we all are on the same side right now. Personally, I don't think the 3rd party voters cost the election, I am confident the Electoral College is to blame, but that is neither here nor there for the purposes of this article.

If we, as moral individuals, really value solidarity as we speak so often of, then we need to let this debate die. It doesn't matter what the technical reason for the win is at this point, it cannot be undone. Our only option is to move forward, and unite our voices as we did when they were trying to take away our healthcare. The longer this grudge is held by Democrats, the further our divide will be. Please friends, consider just moving past this issue entirely so we can focus on the issue at hand, ousting Trump and fighting his Fascist regime.

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Points all well-taken Jeremy Fugate! I've been dismayed about the ongoing debates about HRC vs. Bernie, Jill vs. HRC, etc. You are right that we've got some big challenges to tackle and rehashing recent history in attack mode takes energy away from dealing with Trump and a GOP that gives tax cuts to wealthy, while taking healthcare from children. Unfortunately, the left often saves their sharpest knives for themselves.

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